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KMI Rules. Empty KMI Rules.

Post  Meuki Chi on Sun Jun 14, 2009 5:03 pm

First of all, Welcome to this new site. As you can see, this is about K-pop Industry... so talk about anything you want related to Korean Pop. Don't forget to follow the rules though =_=; ____ [I'll make it simpler because I know that some of you is too lazy to read rules... am I right?]

Let's start. (Those in asterisk [*] are VERY important)

[center]1. Respect members and staff. [It's just a simple word right?]
2. No bashing in forums.
3. No spamming. Always stick to the topic.
4. No posting/talking about adult contents in a wrong section.
*5. No posting nude pics and other images that can hurt/insult other people.
*6. If you are creating an article about a certain artist or group, be sure to have a Reliable source or if possible, post the site where did you get the news and such.
*7. If you are about to get an article/news that originated from this forum, don't forget to ask permission to the one who made it.
*8. If you happened to make an Anti threads, Don't ever forget to respect and use proper manners in you words. In short, be an Open-minded person. [I'm aware that there are anti-snsd that are going on around, glad to read that some people are open minded.]
9. Hmm. Enjoy! xDD

Note: I'll be adding more rules soon. :]

Yours truly,
Meuki Chi
[The Idiotic Admin ]
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